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Secures all your devices

CryptoDefender™ for desktop has the following features:

Keystroke Encryption

Prevents malware from spying on what you type. The keystrokes are secured between the kernel and the wallet application using military grade encryption. Now, the password you enter to logon or decrypt your secret key is safe.

Clipboard copy protection

Prevents malware from monitoring the clipboard to spy on, copy and paste the contents of the clipboard. So the destination address to which a crypto transaction is sent to is not modified.

Anti-screen capture

Anti-screen capture
Prevents screen-scraping malware from taking screenshots of information surreptitiously.


Displays hidden frames or frames originating from a potentially malicious domain. This neutralizes one of the favorite tricks of the hackers to download malware onto your computer.

CryptoDefender™ for mobile devices has the following features:

Secure Keyboard

Prevents the OS and malware from logging your keystrokes. All keystrokes entered in the custom keyboard are encrypted. Now, the password you enter to logon or decrypt your secret key is safe.

Secure Browser

Is a custom, secure locked-down browser that prevents the storage of cookies and other malware artifacts. The secure browser is recreated for every session. Now, you can safely access your online wallet or exchange.

Password/Data Vault

Enables the AES-256 encrypted storage of passwords, keys and data. Access to the vault can be secured via fingerprint. The Secure Browser can be launched from within the vault.

Strong Password Generator

This creates strong passwords based on user-defined preferences, and then stores them in the Password Vault for future usage.


Secures the Exchange (coming soon)

Crypto exchanges have hot wallets and cold wallets. The wallets store user secret keys as well as the exchange’s secret keys. Most of the keys are stored offline in vaults (cold wallet). A portion of the keys are stored on servers connected to the internet (hot wallet) to facilitate transactions. These servers are susceptible to a data breach just like any other hacker attack.

Exchange Defender comprises two products to protect the internal systems of the crypto exchange. These are – CryptoDefender™ and ProtectID®™ protects the exchange’s computers and mobile devices from keylogging, screen capture and clickjack attacks. ProtectID® secures access to the internal systems via two factor out-of-band authentication.

Authentication methods include:

  • Out-of-Band – #, PIN, OTP, Voice
  • OTP Delivery to phone via SMS, Voice, Email, and/or Push
  • Out-of-Band Push – Accept/Deny, PIN, and/or Fingerprint
  • Hard Tokens – Key Fob, USB Key, and/or Wallet Cards
  • Mobile Tokens – IOS, Android, Desktop Tokens – PC/MAC/LINUX


Secures the Private Blockchain (coming soon)

Blockchain Defender acts as a gateway between the application and a private blockchain. It examines every message, checks if it is allowed as per enterprise rules & policy, scans the contents of data fields for malware and authenticates transactions via the ProtectID® system. It can also pass the blockchain messages to enterprise systems or other blockchains via appropriate gateways.

Features include:

  • Authentication of Blockchain Transactions
  • Content Scanner to stop Malware before it enters the Blockchain
  • Rules & Policy Engine to define how Messages are processed
  • Load Balancer & DDOS Mitigator Balances Traffic and Shields the Blockchain

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