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BlockSafe Technologies™ is the only US-based company that secures the blockchain ecosystem from all angles: wallets, exchanges, and private blockchains


CryptoDefender™ comes with 2 versions - desktop and mobile. It secures your devices from Keystroke Encryption, Anti-Clickjacking, Anti-screen capture, and much more.


ExchangeDefender™ combines two products to protect the internal systems of the crypto exchange.  CryptoDefender™ and ProtectID®™ protect the exchange’s computers and mobile devices.


BlockchainDefender™ becomes a gateway between an application and a private blockchain. It scans data fields for malware and authenticates transactions via ProtectID®.

Using its expansive suite of cybersecurity solutions, BlockSafe Technologies™ introduces stability into an otherwise turbulent market by protecting the blockchain ecosystem at its most vulnerable points: user authentication and interaction. Similarly, BlockSafe Technologies™ has developed proprietary methods of defending permissioned blockchains via transaction authentication, policy enforcement, DDoS mitigation, load balancing, and content filtering

Tackles a Big Problem

Crypto currencies and the block chain are under

attack by hackers. $1.1 Billion has been stolen

in the first six months of 2018. Our products

offer a comprehensive solution to this problem

using proven patented technologies.

Patented Products

The Company has developed two products for immediate sale: CryptoDefender™ and ExchangeDefender™. A third product, BlockchainDefender™ is in development. Our products are covered by 10 patents (6 granted and 4 pending).

Large Market

The products address a market of crypto users (24 million today; growing to 200 million by 2025) and enterprises deploying private blockchains. The blockchain security market is expected to reach $355 billion by 2020.

 BlockSafe Technologies recently launched its STO. With the offer to earn equity shares being capped at the first $5 million invested, you don’t want to wait too long or this opportunity could pass you by!
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Recent Media Coverage about BlockSafe Technologies, Inc

Crypto Wallet Protection App Wants to Secure Your Wallets Against Malware

by Jimmy Aki

Malware, a persistent thorn in the side of the internet’s wider community, has become an increasing concern for cryptocurrency users. A problem that comes in many forms, malicious software is leveraged by hackers to rob community members of their funds. One program, dubbed the clipboard hijacker, for instance, operates by secretly gaining control of a Windows device’s running memory. It then replaces the Bitcoin address copied into a user’s clipboard with the address of the attacker, leading the user to unwittingly transfers funds to the hacker.

New Jersey–based BlockSafe Technologies is determined to make mobile crypto wallets more secure with a mobile wallet protection app called the CryptoDefender. According to the company, the CryptoDefender mobile app proactively prevents keylogging malware from stealing your cryptocurrency wallet login details.

Exclusive Interview: George Waller, BlockSafe Technologies CEO 

by Denis Omelchenko

This month, BlockSafe Technologies launched their Securitized Token Offering (STO), enabling investors to purchase BlockSafe’s "BSAFE™" security token - a revenue participation token, paying a passive income to all token holders.


by Steve Sears

George Waller, CEO of Edison-based BlockSafe Technologies, claims that he lives, breathes and eats cybersecurity, blockchain and crypto.
“Cybersecurity,” he stated flat out when asked what his firm does best.

And he was serious.

“When we started analyzing crypto and blockchain, there was no one out there dedicated to solving problems for the entire ecosystem. You had a security company here and there, but no one was looking at the ecosystem as a whole.”

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Wallets are getting hacked by malware that uses "keyloggers" to steal secret keys and capture clipboards so they can change destination addresses. The estimate for unreported user wallet losses are over $350 million.

If your wallet gets hacked, you can’t get your money back. And you  can't sue anyone.


Secures all your devices

CryptoDefender™ for desktop has the following features:

Keystroke Encryption

Prevents malware from spying on what you type. The keystrokes are secured between the kernel and the wallet application using military grade encryption. Now, the password you enter to logon or decrypt your secret key is safe.

Clipboard copy protection

Prevents malware from monitoring the clipboard to spy on, copy and paste the contents of the clipboard. So the destination address to which a crypto transaction is sent to is not modified.

Anti-screen capture

Anti-screen capture
Prevents screen-scraping malware from taking screenshots of information surreptitiously.


Displays hidden frames or frames originating from a potentially malicious domain. This neutralizes one of the favorite tricks of the hackers to download malware onto your computer.

CryptoDefender™ for mobile devices has the following features:

Secure Keyboard

Prevents the OS and malware from logging your keystrokes. All keystrokes entered in the custom keyboard are encrypted. Now, the password you enter to logon or decrypt your secret key is safe.

Secure Browser

Is a custom, secure locked-down browser that prevents the storage of cookies and other malware artifacts. The secure browser is recreated for every session. Now, you can safely access your online wallet or exchange.

Password/Data Vault

Enables the AES-256 encrypted storage of passwords, keys and data. Access to the vault can be secured via fingerprint. The Secure Browser can be launched from within the vault.

Strong Password Generator

This creates strong passwords based on user-defined preferences, and then stores them in the Password Vault for future usage.


Secures the Exchange (coming soon)

Crypto exchanges have hot wallets and cold wallets. The wallets store user secret keys as well as the exchange’s secret keys. Most of the keys are stored offline in vaults (cold wallet). A portion of the keys are stored on servers connected to the internet (hot wallet) to facilitate transactions. These servers are susceptible to a data breach just like any other hacker attack.

Exchange Defender comprises two products to protect the internal systems of the crypto exchange. These are – CryptoDefender™ and ProtectID®™ protects the exchange’s computers and mobile devices from keylogging, screen capture and clickjack attacks. ProtectID® secures access to the internal systems via two factor out-of-band authentication.

Authentication methods include:

  • Out-of-Band – #, PIN, OTP, Voice
  • OTP Delivery to phone via SMS, Voice, Email, and/or Push
  • Out-of-Band Push – Accept/Deny, PIN, and/or Fingerprint
  • Hard Tokens – Key Fob, USB Key, and/or Wallet Cards
  • Mobile Tokens – IOS, Android, Desktop Tokens – PC/MAC/LINUX


Secures the Private Blockchain (coming soon)

Blockchain Defender acts as a gateway between the application and a private blockchain. It examines every message, checks if it is allowed as per enterprise rules & policy, scans the contents of data fields for malware and authenticates transactions via the ProtectID® system. It can also pass the blockchain messages to enterprise systems or other blockchains via appropriate gateways.

Features include:

  • Authentication of Blockchain Transactions
  • Content Scanner to stop Malware before it enters the Blockchain
  • Rules & Policy Engine to define how Messages are processed
  • Load Balancer & DDOS Mitigator Balances Traffic and Shields the Blockchain

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